Days 6&7

My first weekend on the Whole30! Weekends have always been the hardest for me to stay on track. I usually do pretty well during the week, but the weekend comes and ends up being a free for all of alcohol and crappy food. I was determined to not fall off track this weekend and stay… Continue reading Days 6&7

Day 3

This picture pretty much sums up my feelings about life today. I know what I am doing is going to get easier and is good for me, but after drinking and eating anything I wanted for awhile, it is making this MUCH harder. Again, all the more reason I need to be doing this and… Continue reading Day 3

Day 2

Another day complete with exercise included! I know it is only Day 2, but each day is going to need to have its own victory dance for me to make it through all 30 days. My day started today at 4:50am when my alarm went off for the gym. I got up and ate 1… Continue reading Day 2

Day 1

It is 8:30pm on the first day of my Whole30 and I am still alive! I hear the terrible days are yet to come, but Day 1 was not exactly easy for me. I started the day by giving myself some extra time in the morning to make and eat my breakfast at home. I… Continue reading Day 1