Days 18-21

It is nearing the end of my 3rd weekend on Whole30 and the time sure has gone fast! I amweekend1 here to catch up the past few days and share what I did for food prep to make sure I have a successful week. It is Sunday afternoon and for the first time I did all of my shopping and my food prep on Saturday this week, which made today a nice relaxing day! I am not
sure where the time goes on the weekends, but even when there is not a lot going on, the weekends just seem to disappear. Ok, let’s catch up on the past few days. I apologize in advance for the lack of food pictures, but I have been eating a lot of the same things and they are becoming natural to eat, so I honestly don’t even think of taking a picture of them! I tried to remember a few while I was meal prepping, but you will have to do a little bit of reading to get to Saturday since I am starting with Day 18, which was Thursday.

Day 18 Thursday 

I have to be honest, without pictures and a few days later, I don’t remember my meals exactly for Thursday and Friday. I know I had my leftover scramble for breakfast on Thursday with some guacamole. I can’t remember what I did for lunch, but it was probably chicken sausage with cauliflower mashed potatoes and a potato because I knew I would be working out at night. I went to CrossFit at 7pm and had my pre-workout snack of a hard boiled egg and some olives. The WOD on Thursday was:

Warm up: Gymnasty warm up

Split jerk (my max was 65lbs)

WOD  (It went up by 3 for 7 minutes, I completed 3 rounds a few more reps, but can’t remember how many! Ugh, definitely need to write it down right after)
7 minutes
Infinity ladder

3 clean and jerk (I did a split Jerk at 65lbs)20160121_201659
3 hspu (should be hand stand push ups, but I modified to push ups on the bar, putting the bar low so it would be challenging) 
6 clean and jerk
6 hspu

9 clean and jerk
9 hspu

I came home and cooked some pre-made turkey burgers from BJ’s (just raw meat and I added some seasonings) and had some spinach and onions to complete the meal. The only negative about working out at night is that I have a lot of energy and usually can’t fall asleep for awhile. I ended up staying up until 11am, but thankfully I had a little later morning on Friday.

Day 19 Friday 

I had a meeting on Friday that I was able to work from home for a bit in the am and then go into work. I was able to take a little bit later of class at CrossFit than I normally would be able to and so was my CrossFit buddy Alicia, so we planned to go to the 7:30-8:30am class. It was a great class with only about 6 people in it. I did not want to have a full breakfast before I went, so I had my pre-work meal of a hard boiled egg and olives. The WOD on Friday was:

Warm up: Gymnasty

Strength: Front squats    3-3-3-3-3  (Front squats are new and I am working to find what weight I can do right now, I completed this with 55lbs)

WOD  (I completed 2 rounds + 10 step ups)20160122_084716

Amrap 13
10 box jumps (modified to step ups)
20 kbs (26lbs)
30 push ups (modified to bar)
40 sit-ups
50 double unders (modified to 1oo singles)

I had zucchini poppers for my post workout meal on the way to work. I was not really hungry and was in meetings until lunchtime and my first meal was a turkey burger with onions and broccoli slaw with dump ranch. I ended up really having only 2 main meals today and my final meal was 3 eggs with spinach, onions and a white potato with guacamole.

It was Friday night and we ended up going to see a movie at 8pm. We had a deal at my job that you could get up to 5 movie tickets for $5 each. While I am not a fan of the movies, my hubby loves to go, so I ended up buying 4 tickets for us to use. I have had them for a few weeks now and we keep talking about going to the movies, but can never decide which one. We watched a bunch of previews and decided to go see The Reverent. I had been warned by my mom that it was pretty gory and long and my co-worker said it was not her “cup of tea”. But my options were that or the Hateful 8, which I knew I couldn’t even force myself to sit through, let alone remotely enjoy. For some reason I thought the Reverent was about wars and not just about the main  character avenging the death of his son. It was LONG and GORY and to be honest I had to close my eyes during most of the good parts because I can’t deal with blood. It definitely did not change my opinion about going to the movies, but it was nice to get out and do something that was not food related. Thankfully I never used to get popcorn or candy at the movies before, so that was not a trigger for me.

Day 20 Saturday

Saturday started with my last 2 pieces of egg casserole with guacamole. I completed all of my shopping Saturday morning. I did not need a lot of things, having some meat left over in th20160123_114942e freezer and not really making a lot of new dinners this week. I got what I needed at BJ’s and Trader Joes. Bringing up the groceries was nice and easy with my wonderful
Christmas present! For lunch I wanted to try the chili lime chicken burgers I had got from Trader Joe’s last week. It said if you wanted to cook them from frozen it said to just add on some time. What they don’t tell you is that all of the burgers are20160123_133400 stuck together frozen! With my lack of patience and desire to have these for lunch, I decided to put them in the microwave for a few minutes to get them apart and then cook one for lunch. I put the rest in the fridge because I knew I would cook them as part of my meal prep for this week. I had a sweet potato and some kale chips (kale baked at 400 degrees, 10ish minutes).

I typically have been doing my meal prep on Sunday, but we did not really have anything going on Saturday night so I decided to do my meal prep so I would not have anything to do on Sunday. For meal prep this week I made: hard boiled eggs, chicken zucchini poppers, dump ranch (2 because I plan to use it as my fat at more than 1 meal per day this week), cooked the chili lime chicken and the rest of my turkey burgers.

I also made a new recipe for dinner that I saved to my phone, so unfortunately I can’t share the link, but I sauteed the broccoli slaw with onions, garlic, and oil. I separately cooked ground beef and added in some spices and diced tomatoes. To serve you put down the broccoli slaw and put the beef on top. I added guacamole to complete the meal. Hubby tried some and I still have enough for probably 2 left over meals. By the time meal prep and clean up was done it was about 9:30pm. Although I know that meal prep is crucial for a successful week, it is annoying to me that between shopping, putting everything away, meal prep, and cleaning up, it is pretty much 1 full weekend day!

Day 21 Sunday

Finally caught up to today! Today started with spinning class at 9:30am. I have  not been to spinning much since starting CrossFit, but I was feeling good this week and decided to add it in. It was definitely tough, but I felt really good. I usually burn around 500 calories 20160124_104919at spinning, but today I burned around 900, which was amazing! I came home and made 3 eggs with spinach and onions and guacamole. The rest of the day was nice and relaxing (other than a few loads of laundry). For lunch I cut up some raw chicken and cooked in on the stove with garlic, lime zest and lime juice and topped with cilantro. I made sweet potato chips to go with it and had some carrots with dump ranch as my fat. Not a lot happened between lunch and dinner. For dinner I used some canned chicken and added dump ranch and onion and my plan was to each it on zucchini chips, but when I cooked the zucchini chips like the sweet potatoes they burned a lot faster and did not come out as good. Sorry, no pics of dinner.

My plan for this week is to keep it simple and make sure I am getting protein, veggie, and fat at each meal. I am also planning on CrossFit Tuesday-Friday and spinning next Sunday.

new week


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