Day 15 – Halfway!


Yay! I have made it halfway. If I was going to give up and fall into bad (comfortable) habits, it definitely would have happened this past weekend or today. I have had some personal stuff going on and for the first time in a very long time I did not turn to wine or bad food to make me feel better. I can’t say that I found some other amazing healthy coping mechanism, just spent a lot of time crying it out and napping. Being on the Whole30 I know it is not even an option to have alcohol or crappy food, so I honestly did not even crave it. I will need to be VERY careful about how I reintroduce foods after the Whole30 to make sure that I do not fall back into bad habits.

20160118_091554Today was pretty uneventful food wise and I am sorry to say that I forgot to take lunch and dinner pictures. Breakfast was 3 hard boiled eggs, green olives, and cauliflower mashed potatoes. I know it is a pretty random assortment of food, but I needed to get all of my food groups in and this is what worked. Whole30 recommends eating as many eggs as you can fit in your hand. When I make scrambled eggs, 3 does not seem like a lot, but for some reason 3 hard boiled eggs feels like too many. So I ate 2 whole ones and 1 just the egg white. I also did not finish all of                                                                                          my olives.

I spent lunch with my old boss at her house, as we were spending the afternoon working together. She had a salad with tofu and I brought my zucchini chicken poppers, trader joe’s mixed veggies with dump ranch 20160117_133924and the rest of my olives. The afternoon went quick and I did not get home until about 6:30pm. I had planned on making an egg casserole to eat for dinner and to have for breakfasts, but I was just not in the mood to do it or to wait for it to cook. Thankfully I still had some left over chili from last week and had that with my found favorite sweet potato chips!       (Pic is from the other day, but it looked the same)

And that completes Day 15 and my halfway point of the Whole30. The past 2 weeks have gone pretty quick and I know the next 2 will be the same, just need to take it day by day, one meal at a time!

one meal


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