Days 11-14

I am here to catch up on the past few days! Had some personal stuff going on and did not really feel like writing, but I am back in action and here to fill in the details of the past 4 days. Day 11 was Thursday and supposed to be one of the worst days (tired, emotional, etc.). I did not think it was too bad! I had my prosciutto egg cups with guacamole for meal 1 and I was not f20160114_124650eeling my salad for lunch, so I had zucchini poppers with a baked sweet potato and dump ranch on the potato (was lacking veggies at this meal, but was just not feeling them!).
With some encouragement from some fellow on-ramp friends, I was convinced to sign up for CrossFit at 7pm. I had a small snack of 1 hard boiled egg and some olives before going. The WOD on Thursday was:


Warm up
Gymnasty warm up (20 lunges, 5 modified pull ups, 40 single jump rope, 5 modified push ups, 5 kettlebell each arm – repeat 3x or as much as you can get through in the time you get for warm up, ha)

Back squat
20 rep back squat  (It was supposed to be 50% of your 1 rep max 20x as fast as you could. Since I was not sure what my 1 rep max was, I completed it at 55lbs in 50 seconds)

Clean + FS + jerk + jerk + jerk  (the highest weight I did with this was 55lbs with a spit jerk)

WOD – Amrap 15 (I completed 1 round + 179)

100 double unders (Modified: 100 single jump rope)
50 pistols    (Modified: 75 air squats)
25 thrusters (I completed with the bar, which is 35lbs)

Phew, it was a long one and I burned a ton of calories! I was glad I went when it was done,20160114_202603 which I always am. I decided to take tomorrow morning off and plan to go back on Tuesday at 5:30am. I am not exactly sure what my weekly schedule will look like at this point, but I definitely like the evening classes as they seem to be a little smaller than the morning ones so far.

Friday was Day 12 and I started the day with prosciutto egg cups with guacamole. I was not feeling too good and ended up having a late lunch of potato, spinach, onion and chicken sausage. I honestly don’t even remember what I had for dinner, but I think it was my last left over of the beef enchilada. I was not great at taking pictures on Friday and the day kind of passed in a blur.

Saturday was Day 13 and was also a pretty lazy day for me. I had my last prosciutto egg cups with guacamole for breakfast. I also put a pork loin in the crockpot to make Shredded Pork and mashed plantains for dinner. While I was seasoning the pork loin, Hubby put together a Christmas gift from Mommy for me! We recently moved to an apartment and are on the third floor. There are rarely carts available to bring up groceries, etc. and it can be really frustrating. Thankfully I now have this fabulous cart of my own to bring up groceries or anything that needs more than 2 hands.

Hubby and I then went to our local farmers market that is open year round. We have not been since it got cold and when we got there, there were only a few tables. I was still able to get some cauliflower and hot peppers for a good price. After the farmers market I headed to BJ’s for the weekly shopping. I did not really make a meal plan for the week, but had an idea of some staples I needed. I also stopped at Trader Joe’s for their prosciutto, asparagus, and found a great pre-made veggie blend that will be good for lunches during 20160117_154537the week. Lunch was left over chili over a baked potato. I was pretty tired and took a long nap during the afternoon. I woke up and finished the shredded pork. The mashed plantains did not exactly come out how they were supposed to, I think because the plan20160116_173214tains were too ripe, so they were really hard and then when I tried to put them in the food processor it ended up being pretty sticky. It was still good, but when I went to put it away for left overs, it was rubbery and I am not sure if they will warm up to the right consistency, but I saved them! I now have tons of pulled pork for during the week too. Saturday was a rough day and I was not thinking about taking pictures while cooking and eating, but I did get a few. And I was able to use my cart for the first time to bring up my groceries… it was AMAZING! 20160116_115334

And we are now caught up to today, Day 14! Breakfast was a random creation of a potato 20160117_091502with onions, spinach and coconut milk. I wanted to cook 3 eggs with the center cooked through, but when I tried to do it in the pan, it just turned into a messy omelet/scrambled egg mess. I just kept flipping it around till it was cooked through. I also forgot to microwave my potato for a few minutes before cooking in the pa20160117_133924n and it took so much longer to cook and some pieces were still not done when I was eating it… lesson learned. I wanted to try something different for lunch so I made some sweet potato “chips” and dipped them into leftover chili and guacamole. I just sliced them thin (with a slicer thing I have) put them in a baggie with some avocado oil, salt, garlic powder, and onion powder. I tossed them around to coat each one and then baked them at 425 for about 20 min. A few were burned, but they were good!

I spent some time meal prepping this afternoon, but not as much as I have the past 2 weeks. I made zucchini chicken poppers, hard boiled eggs, cauliflower “mashed potatoes” and dump ranch. I put the raw egg back in the dump ranch and it is seriously the best dressing EVER! For the cauliflower I just cut it up and microwave it for 6 minutes with a little water. I drain it and then put it in my vitamix with garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper and used a little bit of coconut milk (you can use any type of milk). Blend it up and you have a healthy version of mashed potatoes!

I have some chicken sausage and also bought some compliant pre-made chicken burgers at Trader Joe’s for quick meals this week. I am planning on making a breakfast casserole tomorrow night for dinner and will use leftovers for breakfasts during the week.

For dinner I made some more sweet potato “chips”, broccoli slaw with dump ranch, and chicken sausage and some pulled pork with hot sauce. It was a random but yummy dinner!20160117_184317

Tomorrow starts week 3 and although I don’t have a of meals planned out. I am feeling good about knowing what I need at each meal and being able to accomplish that.




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