Day 10

It is 9:20pm and I should be going to bed soon to get up at 4:45am, but I am wide awake for some reason and I needed to get Day 10 down in the books. I have not exactly followed the timeline that most people experience during the Whole30. I keep thinking that maybe it is not working, or maybe my body is just still holding onto everything I ate bad for so long and I am just 2 weeks behind the timeline! Either way, I will take it for now because I feel pretty good. day 10 and 11


I did not feel like having breakfast food this morning, 20160113_081358which works well with the Whole30 as you are supposed to think of your meals as 1,2, and 3 and not breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So for meal 1 today I had some of my leftover beef enchilada
from last night with guacamole. I also remembered to take a picture before I ate it today! I know it does not look that appealing, but it tastes really good.


I was not hungry between meal 1 and 2 and for meal 2 I had a salad with chicken zucchini 20160113_122458poppers, bell peppers, olives, and dump ranch (minus the egg). I also have found a new favorite drink to get a little break from plain water. Flavored Polar Seltzer water. I am limiting myself to20160113_122500 one with lunch and one with dinner, or else I would probably drink 5  a day and no one  needs that much carbonation in one day!


I got home around 4 and was really hungry. I was undecided what to do as I signed up for CrossFit class from 7pm-8pm. I wasn’t sure if I should eat dinner, or eat my pre-work out meal and then dinner when I came home, but hunger won and I figured I needed to fuel my body for the workout, so I had a small potato with left over chili and guacamole around 5pm. A little smaller portion size than what I would have for a normal dinner.

I then went to CrossFit at 7pm. There were 8 people in the class and 3 of the people were from my on-ramp class, so it was a mini-reunion! CrossFit716 always posts their workout on their website, but I usually do not even look since I go at 5:30am. The first night I decided to go at 7pm ended up being the first night that they did not post their workout and only said to come hydrated! EEEEK! My heart rate was at about 135 just walking into the gym because I was so nervous. It definitely helped that it was a smaller class and that I knew half of the people in it, but it is still nerve wracking not knowing what you are going to be doing. We did our warm up and then were told that the WOD was 45 minutes of straight rowing!!! Now, I do enjoy rowing, but my rowing is typically 400m as fast as I can for 3 rounds, which is usually less than 10 minutes total with breaks in between. So when I heard 45 minutes I almost died and the workout hadn’t even started yet!! The coach reminded us to take it slow and steady and focus on form and breathing….then the WOD started. We were 2 minutes in and I was thinking to myself there is NO WAY this happening for another 43 minutes! But slow and steady I kept it up and all of a sudden 20 minutes had passed and we were close to half done. The only part of my body that really bothered my during the workout was my lower back at times and my fingers from gripping onto the handlebars a little too tight, whoops! On and on we rowed and eventually the full 45 minutes had passed and I had done it without stopping. It was a great workout and I burned more calories than I ever have before during a workout. The plan is to go tomorrow at 5:30am, but we will see how I am feeling in the am.


20160113_205944I came home and made a quick meal of 1 small sweet potato, onions, garlic, 1 egg, chicken sausage, and spinach with some coconut milk over the top. It was definitely more than a post workout meal calls for in the template, but I felt like I needed to replenish my body after that killer workout. I also had my first craving tonight and it was for a chocolate protein shake! I am not sure if I was craving chocolate or the protein or what. But I did not have one and ate my food instead. Holding strong and heading into day 11!




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