Days 6&7

My first weekend on the Whole30!

weekendWeekends have always been the hardest for me to stay on track. I usually do pretty well during the week, but the weekend comes and ends up being a free for all of alcohol and crappy food. I was determined to not fall off track this weekend and stay the course with Whole30. The weekend definitely had its trials and temptations, but I am here on Sunday night to say that I made it successfully!

The weekend started out on Saturday morning with my weekly grocery shopping trip. I started the day with my last 2 pieces of left over frittata with guacamole, which I am still not sick of and have had a lot of times this week! I then headed off to the stores. I was able to get what I needed at only 2 stores this week, instead of 4, which is a victory in itself. I went to BJ’s Wholesale and Wal-Mart and completed both trips by 11am. I got home and had 1 hard boiled egg and 1 egg white and got ready to go to the 12pm class at CrossFit716.

It was my first Saturday class and I was pretty nervous, having only been to 2 regular classes so far and never been on the weekend. When I got there I sat down to change my shoes and felt a tap on my back and turned around to see another girl who completed on ramp with me in December. I felt such a sigh of relief! We re-introduced ourselves because of course it was the one person from class whose name I could not remember (It was Kim!). We decided as long as we had each other we were going to survive whatever was to come.

The class ended up being a team work WOD, which apparently is pretty common for the weekend. You had to find a team of 3-4 to complete the workout. Being the 2 new girls in class, we decided we could just do it the 2 of us and not bring any other group down, haha. It doesn’t work that way at CrossFit and 2 other really nice girls came up to us and we became a team of 4. One of the other girls was just returning from her pregnancy (although you would never know because she was TINY and strong) but she also wanted to do the last modification, which worked great for us. The workout consisted of:

45 Min AMRAP

150 HSPU

25 Squats

100 Rows

When I first saw the workout I had no idea what that meant and after it was explained I honestly thought I might cry! To break it down. It was 150 HSPU (Hand Stand Push Ups or if you can’t do handstand pus-ups, which girls who have been there over 1 year ares still working toward them, then you had to put on a disgusting weight vest of 25lbs and do regular push ups or push ups on your knees, depending on your capability), 25 Squats were broken down to 5 squats at increasing weights of: 55/75/95/115 (These weights are the modification we chose, there were much higher ones!). 100 rows were with the barbell with the same weight as the squats, but you had to do 25 at each weight and you didn’t do the final weight of 115. Being new to CrossFit and not having done squats or rows in awhile, I had NO IDEA what I was going to be able to do. The goal is Teamwork-1to do as many rounds as possible, taking turns with your team. Everyone on our team needed to use the weight vest for push ups and 3 of the 4 of us were doing them on our knees. We took turns doing as many push ups as we could to get to 150. Then took turns doing the squats and rows. I did a lot of the reps at lower weights because I was not sure what I was able to do. I did end up doing squats at 95lbs and a few rows at 75lbs. We were able to complete 2 full rounds and 42 push ups. Even though we were at different levels, it was great to work together, encourage and push each other. Everyone was so nice and really helpful! So I survived my first Saturday WOD, thankfully without any tears.

I came home and had my post workout meal of chicken sausage and aroadtrip sweet potato with mustard. We then got ready for a mini road trip to PA. My husband wanted to go there to buy some tickets for the PowerBall, which was at about 900 million and we decided to make a night of it. We found a hotel for only $60 through hotwire where you don’t know the name of the hotel before you book. We have used it a few times and have had pretty good luck. We ended up at the Fairfield, which was right near the mall we wanted to go to. I was a little concerned about food, so I packed some veggies, chicken zucchini poppers and my homemade ranch dressing.

We ended up getting there around 5pm and I was REALLY hungry. We decided to go to the food court at the mall because I figured I would be able to get a nice big salad somewhere. I brought my ranch in a best buy bag and off we went. Unfortunately, the mall had a TERRIBLE food court and we were forced to try somewhere else. There were a ton of restaurants in the area, so we decided to try one called Charley’s. There was a 20min wait when we got there, but we figured that would be the case anywhere on a Saturday night. The nice hostess had us look at a menu while we waited for our table. UGH, looking at all of the food and drink that I was not going to be able to eat was my first test of the evening. I just needed to know they had a burger that I could get, which they did, so I saw that and closed the menu. dont give up

Once we were seated I ordered my new favorite drink of club soda with a lime. My loving husband ordered a sangria, which came in the biggest glass I had ever seen. I silently said a few nice words in my head and reminded myself of my goals. Then the bread came to the table. Thankfully he ate all 4 rolls and they were gone quickly, but it was still not easy to sit there, very hungry, and not able to eat any carbs! I ordered a plain side salad, a plain burger with onion, lettuce and avocado. I got my salad ahead of the meal and was thinking that I was going to be very disappointed with my plain burger while hubby was going to be eating the chicken fingers and french fries he ordered. Thankfully I realized I could order a plain baked potato, which I added to my meal.

I had my dump ranch for the burger and the potato, which was amazing and a life saver. After a short time we were headed out of the restaurant and I was giving myself a small pat on the back for making it through my second restaurant experience and making good choices!

We had a fun evening doing some shopping and buying our PowerBall tickets, which were not winners (but no one won, so there is hope for next time!).

The morning was breakfast at the hotel where I had 2 hard boiled eggs and orange slices, which was my first experience of fruit since I started the challenge. That held me over until we got home around 12 and I had chicken sausage and a regular potato. I know my veggies are severely lacking for today!

I took a nap for a few hours and then Sunday evening consisted of food prep. I made chicken zucchini poppers (I add jalapeno and bake mine), chili, prosciutto wrapped eggs (I doubled the recipe and added some bell peppers), cut up some veggies and portioned out salads. I also attempted to make the ranch dressing again, but this time without the egg. I started to think about it being a raw egg and decided I would leave that part out until I can find pasteurized eggs to use (just personal preference). The dressing was obviously not the same, which is disappointing because it was something i looked forward to at a lot of meals last week. I think it will be good as a dressing, but will not be thick enough to use as a dip. I did not do a meal plan like I did last week, but I decided on a few dinners that I would do during the week and know what I need for breakfast and lunches, so I should be good!


Dinner tonight was the chili I made with some guacamole and some sauteed spinach. I was not sure how to get my veggies in and have never really had spinach by itself before, but I see a lot people having it in the Whole30 FaceBook group, so I figured I would give it a try. I used a little bit of avocado oil, 3 big handfuls of spinach and some garlic powder and salt for seasonings. Probably not something I would make again, but it got my veggies in for my last meal.

PHEW, that was a long one, but a lot happened in my first weekend of Whole30! I am feeling pretty good and heading to bed soon to start week 2 nice and rested.

sunday reminder


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