Day 4

A little late on my Day 4 post! I was just too tired last night and did not feel like thinking or writing. The day went pretty good other than being really tired. The day started with going to CrossFit at 5:30am. I got up around 4:45, ate 1 hard boiled egg, 1 egg white and some olives. I love hard boiled eggs and am hoping that I don’t get sick of them during these 30 days. The class consisted of our warm up, the strength exercise of Power Snatch-Squat Snatch-Overhead Squat. snatchThe goal was to get to the highest weight that you could do all 3 right in a row. I was feeling OK, not super weak, but not super strong. My max weight was #55. The workout then consisted of:

Amrap 9
30 double unders
15 toes to bar
3 hang cleans

Or if you are still new and need to modify – for me it consisted of: 30 singles(jump rope), and 15 hanging knee highs (hanging from the bar bringing your knees as high as possible on each rep). The thing that is great is EVERYTHING is modifiable to a level that will still push you to your limits, but also be obtainable. I did not know anyone in this class but a really nice woman introduced herself at the beginning of class and a few others did during class too. Some of the workouts you need a partner for where you take turns doing the workout. While one person completes it, the other one counts for you and keeps track of how many reps/rounds you have completed. This was one of those workouts. I ended up being partners with one of the fittest girls in the class that I am pretty sure was doing the max weight for women for her hang cleans! She honestly looked like the girls that compete at the CrossFit games (maybe she does)!

Stacie Tovar

[Pic is of CrossFit Games Competitor Stacie Tovar, but literally could have been the same person as my gym partner! Talk about inspiration and motivation!]

At first I was a little (ok, A LOT) intimidated, but she offered to do the workout first and then when it was my turn she helped me make sure my form was right for my hang cleans and really pushed me to work my hardest through the workout. When I told her the modifications I needed to do, she reminded me that everyone starts somewhere. I know CrossFit has a bad rap and a lot of people aren’t a fan, but I honestly love the atmosphere and the experience of a workout. I would NEVER push myself to that level alone during a workout, so this works for me.

My final score for the WOD was: 4 + 45. (the first number is the number of full rounds you completed and the second number is how many reps of each exercise you completed if you did not complete the whole round. So I completed 4 full rounds plus 30 jump ropes and 15 hanging knee ups = 45 all in 9 minutes and only felt like I might die a few times.)

I came home and had my post workout meal of chicken sausage and sweet20160107_070455 potato with just a little mustard… ha. I love mustard and am really happy it is one of the few compliant condiments on the Whole30. Breakfast was around 10 and was left over frittata with guacamole. I was hungry then again around 12. I read a lot in the Whole30 FaceBook support group I am part of and they say you should really not be hungry between meals and should be able to last 4-5 hours between meals. I feel like my portions are decent size and I don’t want to add in a lot more food, so I just drank a lot of water and had my lunch around 1. Lunch was the chicken zucchini poppers with a spinach salad and olives using a lime and lemon for the dressing. I also had a few of the leftover asparagus with prosciutto which was just as fantastic cold the next day as it was the night before!

I knew I would be eating again around 4:30 because I had plans to meet some friends for dinner. I looked at the menu prior to going and knew that I would probably be having a salad and maybe having to eat again later when I got home, so I snuck some of my dump ranch salad dressing in my purse! I was a little nervous going to a restaurant so early in the program, but we had these plans for a long time and I knew I could hold strong. I researched drinks that I could have so that I could drink something other than water. I always used to order diet pepsi when I went out to eat and if I met friends I would usually have wine. I found out that Pelligrino water 20160107_165504was compliant and it comes in a wine glass! When drinks were ordered, I ordered that and felt good I made it through the first challenge. The next challenge was the fresh bread and oil on the table. It smelled delicious and happened to sit on our table the ENTIRE evening. We were there from 4:30-7 catching up, so that was a VERY long time to be tempted by yummy warm bread and carbs, but I survived! For dinner I ordered their chef salad which consisted of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and balsamic dressing. I asked them to hold the tomatoes and dressing and to please add in some kalamata olives and a hard boiled egg if they could. She said she was not sure about the egg but would check. Thankfully it came with an egg! I had to sneak my dressing out of my purse and onto my salad, so the pic is prior to adding my dump ranch. 20160107_165501

I have to say my first night out was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it is also early in the program where I have a lot of motivation and I really hope I am just as strong when it is week 3. Thankfully I do not have a lot going on in the next 30 days, which is exactly why I planned it during this time. Around 8:30pm I was extremely hungry again. I tried some tea, which did not nothing and I now had a pretty bad headache. They say if you need to add some food to have a mini meal that consists of the protein, carb, fat ratio that is recommended and to NOT have a snack. I had a chicken sausage, carrots and some dump ranch. I felt much better after eating and went to bed around 10.

Ok, well it was a little late, but that was my Day 4!




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