Day 3


This picture pretty much sums up my feelings about life today. I know what I am doing is going to get easier and is good for me, but after drinking and eating anything I wanted for awhile, it is making this MUCH harder. Again, all the more reason I need to be doing this and stay on track!


Today was mostly leftovers with an new veggie at dinner, so it was not very exciting, but it was all very good. I had an early morning meeting today and did not have time to eat before and then did not end up being able to eat breakfast until about 10:00am. Whole30 recommends to eat within an hour of waking up, so I definitely did not meet that goal today, but I was hoping since I ate later it would make the day a little easier and I would not be as hungry. WRONG! As you will see by my pictures, I was so hungry I forgot to take most of my pictures until after I had already started eating and completely forgot to take a picture of my lunch (but it was the same one I had the other day, so I have a pic already). My meals today were:

Breakfast 10am – Leftover egg frittata w/guacamole

Lunch 2pm – Chicken zucchini poppers, raw veggies, dump ranch, olives

Dinner 6:30pm – Chicken drumsticks, NEW veggie of asparagus wrapped in prosciutto – so yummy!

The asparagus was so easy and so good. I took a few pieces of asparagus and wrapped them in prosciutto and drizzled some avocado oil on them. Then I just broiled them on high for 3 minutes each side. YUM!


I am pretty tired, but I am all signed up for CrossFit tomorrow morning at 5:30am. Some people say day 4 is pretty bad, so I am crossing my fingers I feel good when I wake up.




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