Day 2

Another day complete with exercise included! I know it is only Day 2, but each day is going to need to have its own victory dance for me to make it through all 30 days. My day started today at 4:50am when my alarm went off for the gym. I got up and ate 1 hard boiled egg and some black olives, per the Whole30 recommendation to have a small portion of protein and fat before working out. I then went to CrossFit 716 for class from 5:30-6:30am. Today was my first REAL class. I took their “on ramp” class in the month of December which was 2 nights per week for 4 weeks to learn some of the basics of CrossFit so that I can survive in a class. I will explain CrossFit on another day that I feel like writing more, but right now I am feeling a little grumpy and very tired. someecard

Today’s class included the warm up (20 lunges, 5 pull-ups, 30 single jump rope, 5 push-ups, 5 kettlebell snatches each arm) this is supposed to be done for 3 rounds and today I did not finish my last set of Kettlebell’s before the time for warm up was done. I also did modified pull-ups and push-ups. The next part of class was the “strength” portion where we worked on max weight of 3 squat clean thrusters with no break. I may not be using the right terms, but I am sure with time I will get them down. I was able to do a max weight of #75 and felt pretty weak today, I am thinking because of the change in food. I know the book said to not do any strenuous workouts the first week, but I did not want to take a big break from doing CF so I am hoping to go 3 days this week and will see how it goes.

Now for the actual workout, which is called a WOD (workout of the day).You need a class just to learn the acronyms alone for CF!

Today it was a 20 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

  • 50 hand-release push ups
  • 50 lunges
  • 50 sit ups
  • 50 squats

I completed 1 complete round plus 50 push-ups and 39 lunges and then could barely wash my hair in the shower after! I came home and had a small piece of chicken and sweet potato as my post-workout meal.

I headed to work and although I was hungry, I pushed myself to eat breakfast a little later around 10:30. I had on my menu to eat leftovers from last nights dinner, but I just could not bring myself to do it! The thought of wasting one of my precious meals on something I did not want was just too much for me. Instead I had 2 chicken sausage, carrots and guacamole. 20160105_102353


I was surprisingly hungry again around 12, but it may have been due to everyone at work heating up their yummy carb filled lunches! I pressed on and had 1 hard boiled egg around 1, knowing I would be in a meeting and not able to eat until 3ish. Around 3 I had my lunch of a chicken drumstick, spinach with dump ranch and olives.


I got home around 4:30 and could have easily taken a nap, but since I did that yesterday and then had a hard time falling asleep, I decided to stay up and make dinner. I have been reading different recipes for egg casseroles and learned you can pretty much throw anything you want in and cook it at 375 for 45 min. My casserole had: cooked ground chicken, 1 zucchini shredded with the water squeezed out, 1 sweet potato shredded, 1 med onion, 2 jalapenos, and 12 eggs. Mixed it all up and baked it.


I had 2 pieces with guacamole for dinner and then may have had another small piece while I was putting it away. I got 12 pieces out of it, so I am excited to have a few more meals for the week.

RI D2 = Round 1 Day 2 of the Whole30 


I know this post was not terribly exciting but that may be how they are for the next few days while I get through my detox phase of the Whole30!





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