Day 10

It is 9:20pm and I should be going to bed soon to get up at 4:45am, but I am wide awake for some reason and I needed to get Day 10 down in the books. I have not exactly followed the timeline that most people experience during the Whole30. I keep thinking that maybe it… Continue reading Day 10

Day 9

This sums up day 9 for me. I got up at 4:45am and ate my pre-workout snack of 1 hard boiled egg. I know the template says to add a fat too, but I was just not feeling the black olives this morning. I am planning to get some almonds for next week. 2 of… Continue reading Day 9

Day 8

1st day of the second week is complete! Although I am not usually happy when I am doing meal prep on Sundays, it is absolute crucial to my success during the week. Today was relatively uneventful. I had breakfast of the prosciutto eggs I made yesterday a little after I got to work around 8am.… Continue reading Day 8